Praying for my Future Husband

Hey Everyone!

The lord has blessed me with many years of singleness. Part of it, I know is because I needed to give my life to the Lord, and work on building my own walk with him on my own, before someone else can be in the picture.

I was never one of those girls who has the attention of all the guys as a teenager and young adult. I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. I have felt like there was something wrong with me, and that’s why I have not met the man, that the Lord would have me marry.

I know I am going to sound like a friend of mine here, but; it’s not because I am inadequate or unworthy of being loved, and it is not because there is something really wrong with me. It comes down to me needing to be where I need to be with God, and allowing God to do all things in his timing.

There came a point a few years ago, where I stopped trying so hard to get the attention of the guys I liked, because I was going about it the wrong way. I know this is the 21st century, and there are guys who don’t mind or prefer when girls pursue them, but that never worked for me. It never worked for me, because, that method isn’t the way it is supposed to be, at least for me anyway.

The point I am getting at here, is that while I am waiting on God’s timing for the whole meeting the man I am supposed marry thing to happen, I am supposed to grow spiritually, and pray for the man I am someday going to marry. Why I am starting this late in the game, I cannot tell you, other than better late than never.


Where He Leads I Will Follow

Hey Everyone!

The past month and a half, the Lord has really put it on my heart that it is time for me to be moving to another state, and getting out of the comfort zone and safety net that Portland has been for me. 

I have really been having to lean on him, and trust him, since the job that I had had for nearly two and a half years ended last month. 

That job and a few less than beneficial friendships were the only things keeping me here. Now that job, and the less than beneficial friendships have ended, I know that it is time for me to move on, and follow God’s leading for my life. 

I know God has a career for me, and new friends as well. There are some friends I will be leaving behind, but life and serving God is bigger than those you have to leave behind. If they are really your friends, they will support you, wherever God leads. 

While I don’t know for a fact where I will be ending up, or what exactly I will be doing, I am trusting God to guide me each step of the way. 

Rend Collective; Finding Encouragement in their music.

Hey Everyone!

Over the past year, or so, I have definitely been listening to Rend Collective and I Am They a lot.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me I have struggled to enjoy contemporary Christian music that all the Christian radio stations play. A lot of it has to do with the style of the music. While I get that it is geared for Worship and Worship services, and I can handle a certain amount of it (especially when it is similar to I Am They’s Amen). The style of a lot of it, is hard for me to get into, as it is not the style I listen to on a regular basis.

When I was younger, and going to youth activities and events I had to listen to a lot more of the contemporary christian music.

When I was in College I found the group Celtic Thunder, which is still my favorite group (the original 5 + Neil), but they aren’t Christian. I also really liked the style of Mumford and Sons (again not a Christian group, the use of profanity in several of their songs makes that clear).

The Summer I got saved, I was introduced to Rend Collective’s music, and some of their music has a similar style musically to that of Mumford and Sons and the more traditional Irish style (as they are Northern Irish). For example their song “More than Conquerers” definitely reminds me of the style of Mumford and sons.

The fact that I was won over by Rend Collective, and more willing to listen to more Christian Music, kept me coming back to them, and watching their youtube videos. As I watched more of those videos, I learned more about their ministry and message. The message that they are all about is simplicity, both in terms of the gospel and the style of worship, as well as authenticity of worship and serving the Lord, as well as the inclusivity of the Gospel, and that we are all part of the church.

I know God has used their music and ministry to reach me, and help me understand what God wants me to be doing with my life, and that there is more to life and being a Christian that just going to church every week, and warming a pew, and being a half hearted Christian. A lot of Rend Collective’s music videos take place outdoors, and / or around a Campfire. That whole getting outside, away from the city and everything going on, and the hustle and bustle, to just connect with God in his creation is what I am all about. Being part of the church is more than going to church, and we have to get out of our comfort zones to help grow the kingdom.

I had the opportunity and privilege to see Rend Collective perform live about a year ago, and it was amazing. While it was a “concert”, it was also one great big worship service. It was amazing.

Thankful For God’s Protecting Hand

Hey Everyone!

I am very thankful for God’s guiding and protecting hand in my life. 

I cannot tell you all the times he has protected me, kept me safe and guided my life. 

He was there in the decision of which college to go to, what my major should be, and so much more. 

He protected me when I was involved in a fatal car accident in Canada when I was 11. I could have died that day, or been critically injured, but I walked away least injured of all. He was there when I had to have my appendix out when I was 16. If it had not been removed when it was, it would have burst and I would have been was sicker than I already was. 

He protected and kept me safe while I was in some sketchy situations that I hadn’t knowingly gotten myself into while in New York, that I couldn’t have gotten myself out of just by walking away from the situations. 

Just today he was protecting me and my family from a car accident. 

This truck and car came wizzing up the right shoulder of the freeway, and somehow the truck lost control and wound up blocking traffic, on the freeway. These two reckless vehicles almost hit the car I was in as well as others and almost caused a multi car crash on a major freeway. God was there protecting us, and had kept us safe. 

God is also faithful to direct our lives and our dreams, goals, and careers. 

Guest Preachers and Great Sermons

Hey Everyone!

Last week was a week of special meetings at church. During the week there are extra church services, during which a few of the visiting ministers and pastors from the branch churches preach the sermon. For those of us who live here, it is a treat. I have nothing against the pastor of my church, it is just nice to hear someone else every now and again. Every minister has their own style, and each style works for different people. 

Sunday morning the minister who gave the sermon delivered a great sermon. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall actually having heard him preach, unless I had 11 years ago when I had attended Midwest camp, but I can’t tell you who preached in those services, so for all intents and purposes, this was the first time I had heard him preach. 

His style kind of reminded me of being in the more interesting college lectures I have been in. How he presented his sermon, made the message, that I have heard my entire life, relevant. As I was sitting there listening to it, the message totally registered, and I knew that I had needed to hear that sermon, things clicked. 

The point of the sermon, was that light always overcomes and trumps the darkness, and those who have surrendered their life to God, and have a personal relationship with Christ have the light in our lives, and he will help us overcome the darkness and light our way. 

Allowing God to be in Control

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:8‬ ‭KJV

‬‬“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭KJV‬‬

These two verses have been on my heart the past day or so. 

Leaning on God’s promises, knowing he has a plan for our lives as well as a purpose and a call for each of our lives is a great comfort and strength for me right now as I am looking for a new job. 

I had been a contractor for a local phone and internet company for nearly 2.5 years, and the project I had been hired for is winding down to the point where they no longer needed the extra help, so I am needing a new job. I am definitely trusting God for help and guidance for the next step, because I know he is in control of things and the big picture. 

Some things about my future and career have become clearer, as I allow God to be in control in my life and I stay in the center of his will for my life. 

The Lord has been showing me his goodness, and while my future in uncertain to me, I have peace about it. 

He’s Always There

“In the dark of the night I’ll be with thee,
With the light of my Word I will guide thee,
I have passed this way before-
just trust me.
In the cleft of the rock,
I’ll hide thee.”

This is a short passage from one of my favorite songs from church. It has reminded me, that even in the valleys we go through, that God is still there. 

When we feel all alone, or we are hurting, or disappointed, or everything is going wrong, God is still right there. We just have to keep trusting him, and that he has a plan, and it is better than anything we could come up with.