Called to Work Outside the Home

Hey Everyone!

Only God knows what the future holds. All I know is that during this phase of my life, I am supposed to be working outside of the home.

I was not raised to be a stay at home daughter, nor is it something that God has ever put on my heart.

What God has put on my heart is to work during this phase of my life. As a woman in the 21st century, having worked outside of the home, and knowing how to go about finding a job. Life happens, that could include: getting married later in life, a spouse passing away, or needing the second income.

If, at some point I am able to be a stay at home wife and mother, it would be a blessing, but it’s not the whole purpose of my life. It is also no longer my parents responsibility to provide for me. It is also not my brothers responsibility to provide for me.

The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to attend and graduate from an accredited university, as well as several jobs and the opportunities I have had to travel, including the trip to New York I took on my own.

Because I have had the experiences I have had, attending college, working, traveling, I can better relate to my future husband and the experiences he has had. I can relate to being exhausted after a long day/week/month at work. It will allow me to be more understanding, and sympathetic, yet know when enough is enough and how to suck it up and deal with it since life is no fairy tale and my future husband (if he exists) is no Prince Charming riding in on a white horse to rescue me or complete me.

I have had my own apartments, and I had to keep it up myself, doing the cooking and the cleaning myself while maintaining a full school schedule. Where I am at now, I have responsibilities and contribute where I can while working however many hours a week I work.

When and if I have a family of my own, what’s best for the family will come first, whether that is for me to stay home or if that is for me to work, that is a decision my husband and I will have to seek God’s counsel on. Until then, I am working when and where I can, in order to gain much needed experience and to live the life God has planned for me.