God is the Epitome of Love

Hey Everyone!

What a crazy and tough year and a half it has been for me spiritually.

It has been an uphill struggle since I lost my job 16 months ago. I have spent the last year feeling like I have been at rock bottom. I even doubted God and my faith in him. I had left the church I was raised in for the better part of a year. I had things I needed to sort out for myself and needed time to branch out and see other churches and have time with just me and God.

There have been baby steps occurring over the past few months and glimpses of God’s goodness and patience with me.

Things are not perfect nor will they ever be, though I am slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have really started becoming content with who God created me to be and with what I believe. I have come to terms with my past and how it has gotten me to where I am and who I am today.

I have also had a good friend to talk to at times who seems to get me better than anyone else. Then again she is the second daughter of five in her family, and we seem like similar personalities, to a point.


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