Being Willing to Do as God Asks.

Hey Everyone!

I kind of want to follow up on my last post, as it was a bit vague.

I have had a lot on my mind and my heart lately, as to what the Lord is calling of me and requiring of me.

Over the course of the last few years, I have kept coming back to living a simpler life, where I don’t have more than I need, and being able to share the abundance and excess with those who are in need and who are struggling to make ends meet. Growing up I always had what I needed and got some of what I wanted. As I have gotten older my needs and wants have changed.

This past year, I have really begun to understand what I things I really need, and that I don’t need the latest and greatest tech device when my older one still works and isn’t broken.

I have also seen others take what they have been blessed with for granted, and they have a sense of entitlement, and waste money and things (like food that is still good, but they don’t want to eat), like it’s going out of style. It saddens me and infuriates me that people are so selfish and self-centered when people right here in our own communities are going hungry. There are families where the parent(s) work multiple jobs and are unable to make ends meet, and the children go hungry.

I have this burden to do more to help those who are truly in need. I am still waiting on the Lord to clarify exactly where and how he intends for me to fill that gap, and when that door opens, I am willing to fill that gap.

I don’t feel like what I am called to do is very much, and I also wonder why me, and whether I can do it. I know these doubts are human, and that God is bigger than all of this. We all have a part to play. All God asks is for a willing heart and he will make a way for his will to be done.