No Longer Hiding from my Past

Hey Everyone!

This weekend I had gone on a ladies retreat. I hadn’t realized how much I had needed this retreat and fellowship with other Christian ladies.

The topics of the devotions focused on “I AM” passages in the Bible, where the lord used “I Am” statements in his teachings and how we need to be like sheep who stick close to the Shepard.

While I am still fairly new to the church, one of the things the Lord has been dealing with me on, is allowing others to see the real me, and where I have come from in my own journey.

This weekend I was able to be more open with these ladies than I ever have with a lot of people I have known for years.

While I don’t like talking about things I have gone through in the past, and I have recovered from them, they don’t define me. That being said these issues have helped shape who I am today.

I have built a certain level of trust with some of these ladies, so it is a bit easier to open up to them. It has also helped me to not be so afraid to share my testimony.

If I could help one young women either not have to go through some of the things I have been through, or be a listening ear and encouragement while she is going through / or recovering from some of what I have been through, it would all be worth it.


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