Living My Faith in the City

Hey Everyone!

Over the past several years (more like decade) I have read different blogs written by other Christian young women, and the trend I kept seeing were very conservative young women, living in small towns or rural areas in the Midwest and South. Many of whom were stay at home daughters and / or married young and if they had jobs they were only working until the had children. That’s all fine and good when that is the life you are called to, and choose to live.

Not all of us are called to that life, and are raised differently, all still being brought up in Christian homes, and are Christians ourselves.

I couldn’t relate to the girls writing the stay at home daughter – purpose in life, only to be a wife and mother, because my life was and is on a very different path.

I grew up in the City, and went to public school for K – 12, attended a public university in a small town for four years where I lived on my own during that time.

I have had jobs since I graduated from college, and still working on a career, and earning a paycheck outside the home. I am 30 and still unmarried.

While I have not been a huge fan of living the city life, over the past few months I have been learning how to embrace it, and see that it’s not all bad.

As I have spent more time seeking God, understanding what I believe and why, as well as how it differs from what I was raised to believe I have come to realize that being in the city could do some good. There is so much good that could be done by staying in the city.

Growing up, I knew my maternal grandmother had to work, prior to being married as well as from the time my mom was a child. My Grandpa had been sick and eventually passed away. The financial responsibility then fell completely back on my grandma, as well as being a single mother. I also saw my mom work full time, my whole life.

For some of us, God has other plans and a different call for our lives than being a stay at home wife and mother, and being able to live on one income.

The direction that God is leading me in, to take this blog forward is one of how I live my faith and follow him while living in a very progressive and liberal city.

The things I love and am passionate about, like hiking, camping, knitting and Urban Homesteading haven’t changed. The Lord is calling me to bloom where I am planted, in this city.


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