Good News Tour

Hey Everyone!

I have been excited since I heard that Rend Collective is going on tour again this spring!

I first heard their music back in the summer of 2014, after the Art of Celebration album was released that previous spring. I fell in love with their music, as they had a sound similar to that of Mumford and Sons, yet they (Rend Collective) are Christian, where as Mumford and Sons is not .

I saw them in concert when they were on tour in early 2016, and now I am getting to see them again when they are here in March. Their first leg of their tour kicks off in the UK in February, then they are coming to the US in March and April before wrapping up their tour in the UK and Ireland in May.

I love their music, and their message, that has really struck a chord with me, and has really been something I can really relate to, and it had come at a time when I really needed to hear it, and it would sink in.

I am really excited to see them perform again, with their new album just released a few days ago.


When You Choose to Follow God’s Will

Hey Everyone!

I have tried writing this post several times already, then scrap it because it’s not coming out right or I lose my train of thought or I lose my motivation.?

2017 was a tough year, in which God has challenged me and shown me areas in which I needed to change and step up.

The Lord has really been pressing it upon my heart to dig into his word and yield my will to his.

With that, a lot has been changing. I have known for a while that I am not one of those who is called to be a missionary in far corner of the earth, rather staying closer to home. For some of us, our mission field is our own communities.

This past year, I have been figuring out and discovering who God wants me to be. I finally have a peace about the direction my life is going and that God is in control.

There has been a lot of changes taking place for the better,