A few Thoughts on the subject of Modesty and Purity 

Hey Everyone!

In my last post I mentioned the subject of modesty and that it was a subject of Modesty. So here I am, to discuss it a bit. 

Modesty applies not only to young ladies, but to everyone, males and females alike. I know, that at least in my case, modesty was preached solely to the young ladies, while the young men were pretty much let off the hook. 

As Christian young women, we do need to dress modestly. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a skirt 24/7, or look like the Amish women, or the duggar girls if that is not something God calls of you. In some cases pants can be more modest than skirts. Case in point – properly fitting Bermuda Shorts (that aren’t too tight, but aren’t falling off either), are more modest than mini skirts and skirts that hug the figure and are too tight. 

To the young ladies and parents of young ladies; it is totally possible to dress age appropriately, without looking frumpy and dowdy. You just have to be selective. I know what it is like to have been dressed in a non age appropriate manner for the sake of modesty. I was in college before I really began to really find my own style and what works for me, and still be modest. 

I used to wear a lot of clothes from old navy, and still have some, when I can find something that fits. I also love Maurice’s. Nowadays my wardrobe is primarily made up of clothes from Maurice’s and some from Old Navy. I am definitely a layers kind of person, and one of the things I love about Maurice’s is their Lace edged crinkle tanks. They have adjustable strapes, and come up high enough with out being uncomfortable, and are a bit longer, so no midriff is shown, yet are also light enough to be worn under sheer and lightweight tops during the summer and are not too hot. 

The whole being able to dress age appropriately yet modestly was and still is a huge deal for me. 

As I am writing this, and pondering it in my heart, it has also been on my heart, that Modesty is more than just the responsibility of young women. Young men also need to be held accountable for their actions, yes they are way more visual than young women, but they also need to be taught, and practice self control. 

Modesty in and of itself also applies to guys as well. As a society we have been setting a double standard for our young men and women. We teach girls that they need to dress modestly (which is true and important), yet boys and young men are taught that they can run around shirtless, and wear sagging pants or tight fitting skinny jeans, for the whole world to see. You can’t tell me that young women don’t check out the young men, just as much as they check out the young women. Trust me, we do check out the guys. This double standard is not right, as God has called us all to be responsible for our actions, and that both genders need to be modest. 

Modesty goes along with Purity, Modesty or lack there of, is the outward reflection of the heart. As Christian’s living in a sinful and sin driven world, we have to work hard to keep our purity of heart, mind, and body. Modesty is just one of the outward indicators and choices of the works that God has done on our hearts. 


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