Thankful For God’s Protecting Hand

Hey Everyone!

I am very thankful for God’s guiding and protecting hand in my life. 

I cannot tell you all the times he has protected me, kept me safe and guided my life. 

He was there in the decision of which college to go to, what my major should be, and so much more. 

He protected me when I was involved in a fatal car accident in Canada when I was 11. I could have died that day, or been critically injured, but I walked away least injured of all. He was there when I had to have my appendix out when I was 16. If it had not been removed when it was, it would have burst and I would have been was sicker than I already was. 

He protected and kept me safe while I was in some sketchy situations that I hadn’t knowingly gotten myself into while in New York, that I couldn’t have gotten myself out of just by walking away from the situations. 

Just today he was protecting me and my family from a car accident. 

This truck and car came wizzing up the right shoulder of the freeway, and somehow the truck lost control and wound up blocking traffic, on the freeway. These two reckless vehicles almost hit the car I was in as well as others and almost caused a multi car crash on a major freeway. God was there protecting us, and had kept us safe. 

God is also faithful to direct our lives and our dreams, goals, and careers. 


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