Taking Care of Yourself so you can Can Take Care of Others

Hey Everyone! 

I don’t know about you all, but where I come from, we, as Christians, especially us ladies are taught, even subconsciously that we have to take care of and serve others to the point neglecting our own needs. 

I am not arguing the point that we as Christians are called to care for and serve others. That is loud and clear and what we are supposed to do. My point is, that we also need to take care of ourselves.

Why is taking care of ourselves also important? Because we are humans too. We have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well. If we burn ourselves out and run ourselves ragged then we can no longer effectively be useful to help others and God. From the beginning God created a day of rest, because he knew we would need it. More than just that one day, we do need to take time for ourselves, and take care of our own needs. 

While we are called to help, care for, and serve others, we also have a personal responsibility to make sure our own needs are met, so we don’t end up burning out. 

If what you are doing for God is part of what is causing your burn out, let me ask you this, are you doing it because it is expected of you by another human being, or is it because God actually called you to do it? I will be talking a bit more about God’s call, and for each of us in another post. I just want you to know, that what you are doing for God is what he wants you to be doing for him. 

I have a friend, who has 3 little boys, who at this point of time are 29 months (the twins) and 13 months (the little dude), and I have heard her talk about when the twins were a lot smaller, that the only time she truly had to herself was when she was in the shower. It was during that time when she came across a brand of products that she fell in love with and allowed her to pamper herself in those few short minutes she had to herself. She is an amazing mom, and wife. I have learned a lot from her, and I highly respect her. And from her, I have been learning to take joy in the little things, and with what you have, take some time to take care of your own needs. 

This is me, getting to be auntie to my friends little guys. 

Taking time each day to take care of ourselves, and spend time with God, is not at all selfish or being “unchristian”. Taking care of ourselves allows us to better take care of others and serve them as God would have us to do. 


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